Olive Green - End of Line by WA Bridal sold by Forever & One
 Olive Green - End of Line by WA Bridal sold by Forever & One

Olive Green - End of Line

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Infinity convertible dresses are the most versatile type of dress for any occasion!

The material can fit any shape and size and the dress can be styled for a multitude of occasions. They can be styled in different ways on the top and turned into skirts in some cases!

They are lightweight and made out of a material that is stretchy and floaty. This is perfect for wandering about in the heat of summer.

Perfect for bridesmaids





Small 76cm  154cm
Medium 82cm 156cm
Large 88cm 158cm
Extra-Large 92cm 160cm

Please note all measurements are with the elastic waist in a relaxed position. 

Please note: no refunds on any sale items or items sold with a discount

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