10 Amazing Auckland Locations for A Wedding Photoshoot

You deserve to have amazing photos of your wedding day. These are the memories that you will look back on many days in future. The pictures in your wedding album will add beauty to those future moments. That’s why couples are always advised to get photos of the best quality for the wedding album.

Now, there are many factors that affect the quality of the photos in your wedding album. One of them is the location that you choose for your photoshoot. Things like lighting and styling will also play an important part.

Your photographer will most likely already have some great ideas on where you can have your wedding photoshoot. However, it doesn’t hurt to scout out a few yourself for the best fit. So here are ten amazing Auckland locations for a wedding photoshoot.

  • Bethells Beach

Couples love Bethells Beach because of the fantastic colour contrasts you can get in your pictures here. There are black sand dunes that look breathtaking as a backdrop against the gorgeous bridal white.

Bethells beach also offers other locations for gorgeous pictures like Lake Wainamu, waterfalls and the pine forest. These are all-natural, unique and bound to give you wedding portraits you’ll be gushing about for the rest of your lives.  

  • Britomart Train Station

Britomart Train station is a unique option for couples looking for pictures that are out of the ordinary. If you’re having a modern wedding, this might be just the place for you. It embodies the bustling energy of the city and has all the features of a lovely urban space.

With Britomart Train Station, you’ll get the many colours and lights of Auckland in your photos. Some of the spaces you can use include fountains, cafes and the famous Takutai Atrium. This is a bold choice for your wedding photoshoot.

  • Karekare Beach

Karekare Beach is a romantic location for your Auckland wedding photoshoot. Your pictures here will feature the soft yellow sand and some light grass. That’s not the only selling point of this location, however. The dramatic hills towering behind these embody the beautiful nature that New Zealand is known for. You’d get fabulous images for your wedding photoshoot here.

  • Maraetai Beach

Couples choose to have their wedding photoshoot at Maraetai beach for the unique colours. You’ll get this from the dark volcanic rock, golden sand and red Pohutakawa trees. They all join together to create a symphony of beauty that many find fascinating.

Maraetai beach also offers a great rustic vibe, with a large wooden pier available for your photoshoot. You’ll love how eye-catching your pictures from this beach are.  

  • Mount Albert

One thing that is amazing about Mount Albert is its versatility. You’ll get different but equally breathtaking looks depending on the season. Your unique pictures would seem straight out of a fairytale with so many beautiful views. Wedding photographers can never get enough of the towering summit and the tracks shaded by the trees. 

  • Karekare Falls

Although much of Waitakere, where Karekare falls is located, is closed to the public, these gorgeous waterfalls are not. It is about 30 meters high and surrounded by a thick forest. Picture how epic your wedding pictures would look standing at the base of his magnificent natural specimen.

  • Muriwai

If you choose Muriwai for your photoshoot, then make sure your wedding photographer is familiar with it. The reason is that there are many opportunities for pictures but time is limited on your wedding day. You want to already have some places planned out so you can take your photos and go back to your celebration on time. Some of the locations where you can have your photoshoot at Muriwai include the forests, streams and the beach. 

  • Nelson Street Cycleway

Nelson Street Cycleway can be added as one of the locations in a wedding photoshoot with a modern theme. This new and contemporary landmark is located in Auckland City and presents an opportunity for couples who love biking. You can then move on to one or two of the other locations in this article for a more comprehensive photoshoot. 

  • PB Tech Building, Queen St.

PB Tech Building is for couples looking for a unique but stunning location for their wedding photoshoot. This location is not easy to find, but the rewards are generous when you do find it. The grand staircase adds an aura of elegance to your photos that not many locations will bring.

If you’re having a classic wedding, this is a superb addition you should look out for. As with the cycleway above, you can briefly stop here for photos in addition to other locations on this list.

  • In Conclusion

You can get amazing pictures for your wedding photoshoot here in Auckland. The above ten locations are a great place to start. Your Auckland wedding photographer will also have a few suggestions that you can look into. Do you already know of any that you’d love to share? 

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