10 Things To Include In Your Wedding Invitation


Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse your guests have of your wedding day. It should be beautiful, stylish and informative and make them excited about being invited to your best day ever. 


Here are some tips for what to include in your wedding invitation, from the practical to the beautiful. 


The Practical


The Time

Work with your wedding planner, venue and photographer to set the perfect time for your ceremony. Then you can set the times for the rest of the day. Your wedding invitation should include times for arrival, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and the finish time. If in doubt, set the time a little earlier to allow for delays.


The Date

You might have already sent out save the date cards. The wedding date should be featured on your wedding invitation, and you might also include an additional card with dates for other bridal occasions such as welcome dinner and farewell events.



Paper inserts can fit inside your wedding invitation and are a wonderful way to add lots of info without crowding the design of your actual invitation. You might include a note, event details, wedding website and other details. 


The Venue

The venue should include the address and website, so there's no confusion. If you have guests coming from out of town, you might like to include maps also.


Dress Code

Let your guests know the kind of attire you would prefer them to wear clearly. Black tie, formal, classy casual and dressy are well-known terms, but you might also like to add a note about what is and isn't allowed. For example, if you are having a destination beach wedding, you might say casual dressy, no flip-flops or shorts. 



Set your RSVP early, so you have plenty of time to plan and expect some guests to return the RSVP late. If you want the numbers by the middle of the month, set the RSVP for the beginning of the month to get the exact numbers well before you need them. Consider giving guests the option of RSVPing digitally to save time. 


The Beautiful



Fonts can make or break a wedding invitation, so choose carefully. You want to make sure that beautiful calligraphy is also easy to read. 


Quality paper

Investing in a high-quality paper for your wedding invitation is a great idea because it gives a sense of luxury to your wedding invite that won't go unnoticed by your loved ones.


Handwritten Details

A lovely personal touch is some handwritten text on your wedding invitation. It could be on the envelopes or a sweet message of love inserted inside. 



Tying everything in that is mentioned above, the design should be fresh, clean and cohesive with your wedding palette or theme if already chosen. 


A well-prepared wedding invitation will also include lots of details that evoke feelings of love and joy, as well as making sure they know the essential details. A good invite will also eliminate the need for guests to ask you lots of questions leading up to the day so you can keep your precious time for wedding planning and celebrating.


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