Why A Hair And Makeup Trial Is Recommended

Your walk down the aisle is one of the most iconic fashion moments of your life. Naturally, you want to look gorgeous during the ceremony and for the entire day. Having a hair and make-up trial is one way to ensure you will be looking your best all day long. 


If you don't have a hair and make-up trial, you will either get your fancy go-to look or send the artist photos of what you like. The first option is nice, but hasn't everyone seen it before? Your wedding day needs a fresh never-seen-before look that is styled to go with your dress. So you could send photos, but you need to choose ones that show a model who has a similar skin tone and hair type as you do. This can take hours of research and there's no guarantee you will look like the photo on the day. 


Having an in-person hair and make-up trial is worth the investment. You get peace of mind, save time researching inspiration photos and on the day and will look exactly how you imagine on your best day ever.


When you have a trial, you can try out different looks and styles. You probably did that before finding your wedding gown so it makes sense to do the same for your glam look. 


When you do a trial, you get to know your make-up artist (or try another one if you aren't satisfied). You are with this person for many hours, so it should be someone you enjoy  on a personal level as well as loving their work.


If you confirm the beauty look doing the trial, the stylist can work faster on the wedding day. You can use that precious time to be with your bridesmaid tribe or have more photos taken. 


Finally, stylists usually hand out helpful tips during trials. Their experience is invaluable. During your trial you might hear how to dab away tears to save your make-up or how to secure your veil if it comes loose during the reception. This is save-the-day info and just another reason you should book a hair and make-up trial as part of your wedding day beauty package.  


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