How to Tie an Infinity Dress

Infinity dresses are a new trend we are happy to be a part of here at Wedding Apparel. As a New Zealand owned business, we’ve been catering to weddings for a quite a while. This means that we’re continually looking for the best options for our couples and their wedding. Infinity dresses are an answer to a problem that has plagued brides and their bridesmaids for quite a while.

Imagine a dress that you can wear in more than one way. The options for such a dress are limitless. You can show up to an event in any style. You can also wear it for more than one occasion. If you’ve not heard about them yet, the dresses that we are describing are infinity dresses.

Check out some of our favourite ways to tie infinity dresses


classic one shoulder way to tie infinity dress     how to tie infinity dress in multiple ways



easy ways to tie infinity dress     tie infinity dress in different methods


how to tie infinity dress for a perfect look     









For best results we recommend our Deluxe Infinity Dresses as they have longer and wider straps, However our Classic Infinity Dresses still offer a range of styles that we are sure your whole bridal party will love!!