10 Styling Trends For 2021

10 Styling Trends For 2021


Happy New Year! We are so glad that you are with us in this new year and that 2020 is over. That was quite the year. It’s time to look into the fresh new year and the better prospects it offers, especially for the wedding industry.

Last year, everyone took a hit from the pandemic. At one point, weddings couldn’t even hold. Thankfully, however, we can now have marriage celebrations as we learn alternative ways to stay safe from COVID-19.

If there’s one thing that is a given, it’s that weddings are not stopping. Even in the height of lockdown, people still got married. Last year has also put things in perspective for a lot of couples. We’ve seen a huge number of engagements this holiday season.

So, what can the couples in New Zealand planning their wedding in 2021 expect? That’s what we’ll be talking about in this post. But the one to thing to keep in mind is that wedding trends just like others appear out of necessity.

What do we mean by that? Well, it’s quite easy. We’ll be seeing a lot of ideas in 2021 that are closely linked to the kind of year we just had. We especially think this will be represented in the styling trends of 2021.

If you want to plan a wedding that is modern and beautiful, pay attention to these styling trends. That way, you can choose which works best for you and apply them to things like your wedding fashion. Here are 10 styling trends for 2021 that modern couples should look out for.

  • The Boho Styling Trend

This is one trend that grew in popularity last year and will continue into the new year. We think that it’s because of its classy but relaxed vibes. This was perfect for couples planning their wedding during the pandemic when things were upside down. The boho wedding trend is also great for outdoor weddings, which became popular too because of the need for proper social distancing.

  • The Bold Colours Styling Trend

The re-emergence of the 90s theme in weddings has brought forth the use of bold colours which we cannot get enough of. This fresh new palette choice is even represented in the Pantone colour of the year where vibrant yellow showed up. 

Bold colours will take the centre stage for weddings in 2021 as couples explore new ideas for their love celebration. They’ll be more daring with their colour schemes because weddings, as we know them, have changed.

NZ Bridal Styling Trends For 2021

NZ Bridal styling trends have shown a change too. Sleeves will play a part in many weddings in 2021 as brides aim to make a statement. And we’re not just talking any sleeves, these will be the eye-catching kind. Below are some other NZ bridal styling trends we’ll see in 2021.

  • Short Wedding Dresses

We have now relaxed the rules that might have counted short wedding dresses scandalous in previous years. NZ brides will also aim to party and show off their new Tiktok dance moves after this pandemic. This means we’ll also see more emphasis placed on bridal shoes as they’ll be more visible.

  • Capes

Capes are a lovely new alternative to veils which seem to be on their way out. They offer the same coverage protection and are optional, just like veils. Capes are a great way to crank up your wedding style and create visual interest. You can also choose to be dramatic with yours or minimalist.

  • Sparkles

We’ll see glittering tulle, tonal sequins and beads as NZ brides shimmer their way into their 2021 weddings. And why not, this trend has an ethereal feel to it that is perfect for your wedding atmosphere. This trend will however mean minimal accessories, as your glamorous gown will do all the shining.

  • Pantsuits

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your wedding, then one of these tailored beauties will do the trick. In these, you’ll look like a badass, be comfortable, and you can flaunt your figure. Your guests will be wowed and you’ll also get to have a good time.

  • Slip Dresses

This is another styling trend from the 90s we’re excited to see. Slip dresses are magnificent for a relaxed wedding. You can be style them to look more formal too. You could even add a topper or detachable sleeves to make it modest.

NZ Bridesmaid Styling Trends For 2021

NZ brides aren’t the only ones who will be in the spotlight with wedding styling trends for 2021. NZ Bridesmaids have their category too. From fresh colour palettes to sultry necklines, here is what bridesmaids will be up to in 2021.

  • Sunset Shade Dresses

From rust to sienna and cinnamon, NZ bridesmaids will be styled in mostly sunset shades for 2021. These colours are brilliant for rustic and bohemian weddings which we have already established will be popular. They will also look good when paired with the aesthetics of an outdoor wedding. Just accessorise them with yellow gold jewellery and you’ll be ready.

  • Sultry Necklines

This is another one from the 90s and it works well with slip dresses. A delicate necklace paired with this collarbone-baring beauty would just perfect look. Especially when used with minimalist stud earrings.

  • Bridesmaid Jumpsuits

Because of the smaller wedding couples will have in 2021, they will abandon many wedding etiquettes. One of those is the need for bridesmaids to wear dresses. You can have yours decked out in a playful jumpsuit. They come in every colour and fabric imaginable and your bridesmaids will be more comfortable in them. You can also dress them up or down depending on the vibe of your wedding.

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