Why Your Bridesmaids Should Wear Our Infinity Dresses!

Infinity dresses are a new trend we are happy to be a part of here at Wedding Apparel. As a New Zealand owned business, we’ve been catering to weddings for a quite a while. This means that we’re continually looking for the best options for our couples and their wedding. Infinity dresses are an answer to a problem that has plagued brides and their bridesmaids for quite a while.

Imagine a dress that you can wear in more than one way. The options for such a dress are limitless. You can show up to an event in any style. You can also wear it for more than one occasion. If you’ve not heard about them yet, the dresses that we are describing are infinity dresses.

Infinity dresses are simply magic and are a favourite amongst many. In fact, we’ve had so much success with them, that we’re about to launch a new collection with both short and long options. Why do people love them so much, and why should your bridesmaids wear them? We put down some of the advantages of these dresses below. 

  • It Can Have Many Different Looks

This is not a dress you wear only once and worry someone will notice it’s the same the second time. You can wear it many different ways over the years with many different looks. You can also adjust it to fit the accessories you intend to use and your hair. It solves the problem of your bridesmaids spending on a dress they’ll have to discard after your wedding. This is one dress they’ll get a lot out of—excellent value for money paid if you ask us.  

  • It Flatters Everyone

Have you ever been a bridesmaid at a wedding where the style of dress chosen did not compliment you? It is a nightmare. Every time you remember there are pictures of you in it, you’ll probably shudder. Our infinity dresses will save your bridesmaids from that dilemma. They can be styled different ways to complement any body type.

These dresses look amazing on every woman who wears them. You could even get pregnant and still look good in them when your bump starts showing. That’s why they are a best seller! Your bridesmaids won’t need to obsessively watch their weights to ensure they still fit in this dress and it won’t require retouching. There’s nothing like a wedding with a beautiful bride and gorgeous, confident bridesmaids.

  • It Comes in A Multitude of Colours

We have shades of black, shades of blue, shades of pink and lots more. With our new launch, you’ll have even more options. You can choose a colour that compliments your wedding’s colour scheme for your ladies.

If you want to have a mix and match, you can also ask your bridesmaids to pick a colour that works for each of them individually from our collection. This way, each bridesmaid will feel entirely comfortable with the option she chooses while respecting your decision. 

  • It Is Comfortable and Supportive

Weddings last a whole day most times. You’ll be up in the morning getting ready with your bridesmaids and then get dressed for church. You’ll have the first look, go to your ceremony, have a photoshoot session and then retire.

Just kidding, no one retires after the photo session, there is the reception to party at! Sometimes, there could even be an after-party to add to boot. If your bridesmaids are going to wear a dress for that long, it should at the very least feel good. Especially with all the activities that they’ll be partaking in.

Our infinity dresses are made of a material that allows good support. They are also very comfortable, which means your bridesmaids can enjoy themselves on your day without a worry.

  • They Are Perfect for All Seasons

Is your wedding during the summer, autumn, winter or spring? Infinity dresses are perfect for them all. They can be styled to wrap around the body more and produce warmth. If you need to show more skin and get more air, you can style them that way too. Our new infinities are even better for this. They’ll be available in two lengths so you can pick which works best based on the season when you’ll be having your wedding.

  • This Dress Is Versatile

Since these infinity dresses can be styled in more than one way, how about utilizing that for your celebration? Your bridesmaids can show up to your ceremony in a particular style and then style the dresses differently for your reception. They can also style the dresses in yet another different way for the after-party if you’re having one. One thing is sure these dresses can be so much fun to work with.

Make the most out of your budget for bridesmaid dresses by going for infinity dresses. Your bridesmaids will get many looks out of it, and they’ll be grateful to you forever. Owning an infinity dress is like owning many multiple dresses instead of just one.

If you like the idea of infinity dresses for your bridesmaids, why not shop our collection? You can also watch out for our new launch and be amongst the first to make your choices. Here at Wedding Apparel, we offer couples in New Zealand, a chance to look fabulous at their wedding. Our bridal boutique carries many incredible and unique options that you should also check out. So, what are you waiting for? Shop with us today!

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