Why Doing A First look Is A Wonderful Idea

Why Doing A First look Is A Wonderful Idea


If you are considering a first look, you should know there is nothing more emotional and romantic than this creative wedding day trend that has been around for a while now. Doing a first look is amazing on so many levels, which explains why it has been so long-lasting compared to other trends.


There are so many reasons why doing a first look is a wonderful idea. Here are just a few that might make you feel like the first look is as essential as flowers and champagne.


A first look photo session takes away a lot of anxiety and nervousness you might be experiencing before the ceremony. You will feel more relaxed after having some private moments together. The pressure eases and turns into pure excitement. 


Another pro of doing a first look is having more time for couple photos which is great if you are all about the wedding photography. It also helps if you are having a sunset winter wedding or if the weather is looking unpredictable. Some couples even do some family portraits after the first look.


The vibe during a first look is different than after the wedding. When you look back on the photos, the feelings you felt in the moment will come flowing back. Before the ceremony, you are giddy with high excitement, and afterward you are joyful and pumped up from the emotions of the ceremony. Both are happy times, but the vibe is different, so why not have both?


More advantages of doing a first look are:


  • We can get photos in areas that might not be accessible after the ceremony 
  • You can have intimate images taken without everyone watching
  • You might not need so many photos after the ceremony, so can join some of the cocktail hour  


If you aren't hugely traditional and desire a relaxed and chilled feel to your wedding day, a first look could be for you. Please let me know if you have any first look questions or need help with the timeline for the day. It takes some effort but is well worth it for the gorgeous first look photos that will be a highlight of your wedding album. 

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