Modern Ways To Incorporate Traditional Values Into Your Wedding

You can infuse your wedding day with sentimental traditions without being old-fashioned or boring. There are many modern ways to incorporate traditional values into your wedding day that will delight your guests, especially your parents and grandparents. Here are some ideas. 


Sweet Poetry

Poems are a romantic way to express love and your wedding is the perfect place for poetry. A framed love poem on a welcome table or next to your wedding certificate is a lovely decoration that won't go unnoticed. It might be your favorite love poem of yours or your grandparents. You can also ask an important guest to read a poem during the ceremony. These poetic touches are short, sweet and sentimental in the most modern way possible.


Everyone Loves Cake

Going for a triple-tiered cake means three flavors and it looks great in the photos. It also allows you to add a layer that evokes memories of weddings long ago. Traditionally wedding cakes were fruit cakes that could be preserved and used at other important occasions. A small layer of fruit cake infused with rum or exotic nuts in a modern twist on the traditional wedding cake your parents probably had. Or you can give mini fruit cakes as wedding favors or farewell gifts as guests leave the reception. They travel well and can be enjoyed for a hearty snack later in the week. 


Sentimental Signage

Give a subtle nod to the past with signage that is creative and just a touch traditional. Below are a few inspirational words we've seen at weddings.


"To have and to squeeze from this day forward."

"Eat, drink and be married."

"You had me at hey."



One of the easiest ways to incorporate traditional values into your wedding day is with the music. Blast the golden oldies or use songs from your parents and grandparents wedding days during the reception.


Wouldn't it be sweet to have your first dance to the same song your grandparents swayed to way back in the day? Your DJ can mix in a modern song towards the end and get everyone on the dance floor for an epic wave of dancing. 


We hope you feel inspired to weave some traditional moments into your best day ever. It adds a lovely layer of meaning and sentiment that will mean so much to everyone gathered to celebrate your love. 

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