What to Wear to A Wedding

Weddings are fun and exciting. They give you a chance to celebrate the new milestone in the couple’s relationship. There is, however, one question that guests often ponder on. It is what to wear when attending the wedding.

If you’re in this situation, we made this post for you. As a bridal boutique here in New Zealand, we’ve encountered this question a couple of times. Sometimes from a bride planning her wedding, who in the meantime, has another to attend.

It’s easy to see why people bother about what they should wear to a wedding. How you dress will play a part in the wedding’s atmosphere. You’ll also be in pictures which the couple will look back on and post for many years after. You have to get it right with your attire. Here are some of the ways that you can do just that.

  • Is There A Dress Code?

Most weddings have a dress code. Sometimes, the couple may leave it up to interpretation. In cases like that, there are ways to go about it. Look at the invite you received. How is it structured? The more formal it is, the more structured you have to be in your attire choices. In other cases, the couple will tell you what kind of event they are having and expect you to come dressed accordingly. In this article, we’ll be discussing the second scenario.

  • For White Tie Weddings

White tie events are not as popular now as they once were. If you have however been invited to a white tie event, please treat it as the pinnacle of formality. You must dress the part. As a man, you are to wear a black tailcoat, a formal white shirt and a white vest. You are also expected to put on a white bowtie and opera shoes. Some men add white gloves to complete the look, but it is optional. As a woman, you are expected to come dressed in a long formal dress. A nice pair of heels should accompany the dressing option that you choose.

  • For Formal Black-Tie Weddings

Black tie events come in two kinds: formal and semi-formal. For a black-tie formal wedding, men are expected to come dressed in a dark suit, white dress shirt and a bow tie. Your dressing should also be accompanied by a cummerbund and dress shoes. Ladies should wear a long gown or dressy cocktail dress.

  • For Semi Formal Black-Tie Weddings

For a semi-formal black-tie event, your dressing just differs a bit from that for a formal black-tie event. Most times, your regular classy evening wear will do the trick. Men should wear a black tuxedo, white dress shirt and a bow tie. Don’t forget your cummerbund and dress shoes too. For women, a chick cocktail dress or elegant separates are acceptable.

  • For A Casual Wedding

There are so many definitions of casual that it can be hard to know which to stick to. In cases like this, pay attention to the time of the wedding and the location too. If the area is on the formal side, a sports coat, button-downs, sweaters and chinos or khaki are what will work. Where it is a bit informal, you could get away with polos and shorts, for example, where it’s a casual beach wedding. For ladies, you can never go wrong with a sundress and casual shoes like sandals or flats.

  • For A Traditional Wedding

When a couple tells you that they’ll be having a traditional wedding, there are different rules that will apply. It also depends on the culture involved, so they’ll specify which it is too. They will also let you know if you are to come culturally dressed or not. If you’re given the go-ahead to show up in cultural attire, please do adequate research. You want to show up dressed respectfully and the right way.

  • When the Couple Does Not Specify

This can be tricky because it could be an oversight or on purpose. The first thing to do is to contact them. If you can’t get through, then the following few ideas could help. You can pay attention to the season and weather and dress to reflect them. You can also inquire from other guests, if you know any, what they will be wearing themselves. Just remember that this should only happen after you’ve tried to reach the couple unsuccessfully a couple of times. 

Here at WA Bridal , we believe that all our New Zealand brides should look their very best. It is their wedding, after all! We also cater to bridesmaids and stock some lovely wedding accessories and décor. Are you interested in getting some? We would love to help you create the best wedding day ever. Shop with us today!

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