3 Ways To Succeed At Wedding Planning When Everyone's Being Bossy

You can be sure when it comes to wedding planning everyone has some advice for you. Or in the case of some family members, they might even have demands. It's not always easy keeping everyone happy, so you have to do your best while staying positive and firm. Here are three ways to succeed at wedding planning when everyone's telling you what to do.


Delegate Tasks

It won't take long to identify your loved ones who really want to help with the planning. It comes from a place of love, even though it feels like they are telling you what to do. So redirect their energy into tasks you need done. They will feel needed and are sure to get the job done and you can get some peace and quiet.


Be Honest

It's tricky being honest because you are probably scared of hurting someone's feelings. But, when someone is offering unsolicited advice on how you should plan your wedding day, you should tell them how you feel in the nicest possible way. Here are some lines you might like to use:


I appreciate your offer to help, but I have this under control already
Thank you so much, but I'm already working on that with my bridal party
This is a good idea that I'll get back to you about later


Set Boundaries

This is good to do from the beginning of your wedding planning journey. Let everyone know what you need help with and what you want to be in control of yourself. It is nice to have loved ones involved in planning the wedding, so let them have a say if you are flexible on some aspects. For areas you are particular about, set boundaries so they know you are confidently capable.


Remember it is your day and there is no right or wrong way to get married. While some people might hope you follow certain traditions, it is your right to do things your way. So stay calm, focused and kind and let everyone know you appreciate their support and are considering all their ideas. It's going to be a beautiful day!

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