Do i need Wedding Video?

If you are wondering if you really need a wedding video, we are here to tell you that you do!


One of the biggest regrets married couples have is not hiring a wedding videography team. They never regret not having that extra tier on the wedding cake or investing in more candles. But they do feel remorseful about not having all the beautiful moments captured on film.


Wedding videos preserve moments in time that you don't see on the day. Looking back on each other getting ready as the excitement builds and seeing the expressions of your guests as you walk down the aisle are examples of special parts of the day you don't see.


Also, there is something so meaningful about seeing people laugh, speak and dance on camera. While photos are wonderful, they can't capture the voice of a loved one or the movement of your veil flowing. We would love to have footage of our grandparents talking, but it simply doesn't exist. It's wonderful to have the whole ceremony, including the vows and the reception speeches, recorded in full. Memories fade so quickly, and video is a way to trigger them and all the emotional feelings you experienced that beautiful day.


Wedding videography is a significant investment and that is why it's sometimes pushed down the list of must-haves for couples on tight budgets. But remember how much you spent on the food, flowers and decorations. It adds up and you don't get to enjoy those things after the big day is over unless you have a professional wedding video. Then all those lovely details can be kept forever.


When newlyweds say they wish they had video, it breaks our hearts because there's no going back. You will wish you had that video often, especially on yourwedding anniversary. So don't hesitate and book a wedding videography team because we say it's as essential as champagne and cake!

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