Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have been a favorite of New Zealand couples for quite a while now. They give you a chance to have a great time with your loved ones away from your family. Destination weddings also give many a chance to explore a different location and enjoy some of the things that life has to offer.

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, chances are, you already know why you want to have one. So that means there’s no need to list the many advantages that come with having a destination wedding. We’ll just skip right to the planning.

Even if you have months to prepare for your big day, you have to start early to plan and organize your wedding. You can make things easier for yourselves by first choosing a theme. However, it can be difficult to decide which theme works best for you and your partner. The more you check the internet or wedding magazines for styles and inspirations, the more confused you become. Fret not. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right wedding theme for you.

  • Discuss and Brainstorm with Your Partner

The big day is about two individuals uniting as one. Therefore, it should center on things that matter to both of you. Think of a special date, place, or interest you share in common. What are your personalities like? Are you laid back, preppy, classy, adventurous, or funny? Do you have certain favorites such as movies, books, music, or art?

  • Size of your wedding

Do you plan to have an intimate wedding or do you want to celebrate the big day with a long guest list? Do you want a small chapel wedding or a big church wedding? Or maybe you want to skip that and have a chic and simple city hall wedding.

  • Consider the Date and Season

The season has an impact on the possibility of having the celebration in a certain destination, the seasonality of flowers for decor, and if they are available in your location. You may also consider if your chosen resort will be able to prepare the food you may request for the menu.

  • Visit Locations

If your pocket will allow you, visit one of the destination wedding resorts you are considering for your wedding. The staff will often take you to all the wedding sites they have on the property. This way you can know if your chosen theme will fit those locations.

  • What Tone Do You Want at Your Wedding?

You could either have a formal wedding, or a very relaxed one. Picture how formal you would want the setting at your wedding to be. It’ll help you decide what kind of theme will fit that. From the flowers to the dress code and other décor.

  • Your Budget Matters

You need to stay realistic when choosing a theme for your destination wedding. You should discard anything that is above your wedding budget. So build potential scenarios and check out how they’d work with a particular wedding theme you are considering.

  • Next Is Your Color Scheme

The Pantone Color Institute has picked the colors as yellow and gray. You can choose to work with that for your wedding or celebrate something else. You could also go with your favorite hues and colors that complement the location/season of your destination wedding.

  • Do Lots of Research

There are so many themes out there that you can work with. Some examples are Boho Chic, Vintage, Beach, and even the Rustic wedding theme. In order not to get confused, do your best to understand their similarities and differences. Read up on them as much as you can and look at weddings inspired by these themes. You could end up discovering that you love one of them and choose that one. You could also end up finding out that looking up these themes has given you a spark of ideas. Below are three popular destination wedding themes that couple often choose: 

  • Vintage

A vintage wedding will capture the elegance, and romance required for your destination wedding. Your wedding will end up having a familiar feel, even though this is a new location. Some of the things that define this theme are soft colors like white, pink, and gold. So, achieve sophistication on your wedding day by making use of a professional.

  • Boho Chic

Boho Chic is another favorite destination wedding theme among New Zealand couples. Lace, nature, wood, and lots of flowers will come together to embody the beauty of nature at your event. Boho chic brides are known to wear alluring lace gowns with headbands made of flowers. This kind of wedding is also known for its relaxed, fun, and romantic vibe.

  • Beach

Beach weddings are the most relaxed of the three destination wedding themes mentioned here. If you’re a couple who love the ocean and the sand, you could have a beach wedding. This seaside affair will have your guests enjoying the white and blue color schemes while enjoying great seafood. The dress code here would also be relaxed, featuring sandals, khakis, and sunglasses. If you want the ocean with privacy, you could also opt for your wedding to happen at a beach resort instead.

One key to having a successful destination wedding as a New Zealand couple is by making sure the day is unique as you. So keep this in mind as you pick your theme and best of luck!

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