7 Emergency Tools No Wedding Day Kit Should Be Without

Most wedding days come with some minor emergencies that call for some quick thinking and handy DIY skills. You never know if it will be a broken zip, torn veil, or red wine spilled on a white shirt. Being prepared for these bumpy bridal moments is essential. So here are seven emergency tools no wedding day kit should be without. 


Sewing Kit

It's one of the number one items called for on wedding days when things go wrong. A sewing kit including a few different-sized needles and light and dark-colored cotton can save the day. 


Wet Wipes

Most people never leave home without them, so it makes sense to take them to the wedding. Wet wipes are a miracle invention that can clean up spills, dirt, dust and unsightly marks. They are also great for using to clean children's hands and faces, so they look perfect in the wedding photos. 



You probably hired a professional makeup artist to make you look gorgeous on the day. But it's also wise to carry a small supply of your own mascara, lipstick and powder for touchups after the ceremony. 


Stain Remover

Even if the bride stays away from red wine in her white dress, there are still many chances for white clothes and linen to get stained. You can buy handy stain remover wet wipes or put some spray in a small bottle to be ready to blast any unsightly stains away.


Hair Brush

A hair brush or comb can tame stray and unruly hair. You want to look your best all day long and it will take your photographer ages to edit if your hairstyle isn't looking how it should.



Many newlyweds say they didn't eat much on the wedding day because they were so busy. So carry some easy-to-eat snacks for those moments when the hunger pains become too much.


First Aid Kit

This is kind of a kit on its own but essential for emergency supplies on a wedding day. Make sure your first aid kit is stocked up and includes everything from plasters to bandages to antihistamines. 


You can prepare a wedding day kit to have in your room when you are getting ready, so anyone who needs it doesn't go into panic mode. Or you can even gift personalized emergency wedding day kits to your bridal party, complete with pain killers for the hangover they might have the next day. We are sure your day will go off without a hitch!

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