6 Wedding Planning Process Tips and Tricks

If you just got engaged, allow us to say Congratulations!!! Starting your wedding planning can be a bit confusing so don’t be worried if you don’t know it all. There is also the fact that we’re dealing with a pandemic which has muddled things up a bit.

Not to worry, however, we’ve got you covered. Here at Wedding Apparel we always want what’s best for our couples. That’s why we’ve written these articles with tips for every beginner. Our experts say that following these steps will get you started the right way on planning your wedding.

If you’re ready, then so are we. So, grab your favourite chair and a cup of tea. In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss six wedding planning process and tips for a successful wedding.

  • Decide on Your Theme Early

Choosing a wedding theme will make all the other aspects of your wedding planning come easy. It’ll determine the kind of venue you go for and what decorations to have. It’ll even determine what type of food and drinks you serve at your wedding. Some popular wedding themes include Classic, Rustic, Vintage, Romantic, Country and Boho-chic. Remember to consult with your partner while making your decision. You should make sure the theme you choose is one that you both like.

  • Create Your Guest List

Your wedding is exceptional, and we’re sure you want to spend it with your loved ones. The pandemic might mean that your list has to be smaller, but that will only make your wedding more intimate. You’ll also need to make this decision with your partner. Make sure that your guest list has only the people most important to you. That is a great way to make your day special.

  • Choose A Date

Everything you’ll do for your wedding hinges on your wedding date. Your planning also depends on it. You cannot book a vendor for a date you are not aware of yet. If you don’t want to choose one yet out of uncertainty, you could broaden your decision a bit. For example, decide the year and the season when you would like to get married and go from there.

  • Select A Venue

Do you want to have a wedding where you currently live? You could also plan a destination wedding. Whichever you decide to go for, you’re going to need a venue. The right wedding venue for you is one you both (You and your partner) love. It also depends on your guest list as it should be able to contain you and all of your guests. The right venue should neither too small nor too big.

  • Set Your Priorities

When you picture your wedding day, what do you see? Having a clear answer to this question can be very helpful. It will help you decide what to focus on when it comes to your wedding. Amongst your photograph, décor, food and music, which is most important to you? When you set your priorities, they’ll help you determine how to spend. Paying attention to and spending on the things most important to you will guarantee that your wedding is incredible for you.

  • Create A Budget

Your budget is the foundation of your wedding planning. Start by doing lots of research. This will help you determine how much things costs and what alternatives there are. After that, decide how much you and your partner will be putting towards your wedding. Next, add how much you’ll be getting as contributions and know your total. You can then start to allocate costs to every item based on your priorities and researched values. Remember to also factor in your theme, number of guests and wedding date. Best of luck!!!

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