Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

When it comes to wedding insurance, we say every couple should have it to cover a million things that could go wrong. Although highly unlikely, your venue canceling, losing the rings, or natural disasters can happen, and we never see them coming. Also, after seeing the disruptions Covid has caused, it seems wedding insurance is more advisable than ever. 


Here are some NZ and Australian-based companies that offer wedding insurance to Kiwi couples. Some cover overseas destination weddings, while others don't. A basic policy might cover cancellations and postponements, while an extensive policy can cover up to $5 million personal/public liability. 


Dream Wedding Insurance New Zealand

EventCover Insurance

1 Cover Travel Insurance

Tui Hills


Whatever you are concerned about, you can probably find a policy to cover the unfortunate happening. The thing with weddings is what you worry about never happens. The issues that arise are usually so unforeseen that even your wedding planner is surprised.


Before you pay for a wedding insurance policy, it is worth asking your venue and vendors if they have insurance and if your losses would be covered under their policy. If the answer is yes, you should ask to see proof.


Along with health, accident, house and travel insurance, we fully encourage our couples to get wedding insurance. Most couples put a significant financial investment into their best day ever and it's a life highlight that should be perfect. 


Make sure you read your policy carefully, including the small print and seek clarification if you don't understand all the terms and conditions. Even if you don't need to make a claim, wedding insurance is worth the investment for the peace of mind that comes with it. Without wedding insurance, your big day might be memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

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