How To Avoid Wedding Planning Burnout

As you swoon over Pinterest boards of pretty peonies and scroll through IG accounts full of dreamy dresses and wedding stationery, falling in love over and over again with all the prettiness, you might feel like this wedding planning gig is bliss.


But it can quickly become a never-ending task of jumbled up ideas, unfinished checklists and a budget that is growing way too fast.


So how do you avoid wedding planning burnout? The easy way is to hire an experienced wedding planner to guide you through the process. If you prefer to do things your way, you should follow a step-by-step plan like the one below.


1: Set A Budget

Weddings often go over budget but having one from the beginning will keep it under control.


2: Draft A Guest List

You need to know rough numbers to look at venues. Booking your dream venue only to find out it's too small can be a disaster.


3: Talk With Your Love

Together you can decide the style of wedding your want. Ask yourselves if you want to go for traditional, religious, indoors, or outside? This important discussion will lead to the next exciting step, seeing venues.


4: Find The Venue

Most couples search online and then make a shortlist of venues to inspect. Then, you can set a date, lock in the perfect venue.


5: Find The Dream Team

Vendors should be locked in next, especially in-demand ones like photographers who might be booked far in advance.


After these steps, you should (if time allows) take a break from wedding planning completely. Take a month off and let the wedding planning go. When you are ready, step back into the planning refreshed and excited again.


Frequent breaks from planning are the key to avoiding burnout. With breaks between, you should plan the ceremony and reception in separate stages so you are not all over the place. A detailed timeline should also be made in the earlier stages. As you confirm details, your timeline will become more polished and it is key to a successful event.


After planning the ceremony and reception, you can plan other parts of the day and pre and post-wedding day events. Aim to have the planning finished at least a month before your glorious walk down the aisle so you can enjoy the anticipation of the big day.


If in doubt at any stage, pour a glass of wine, breath, meditation, hang out with friends or do anything that takes you to your peaceful and happy place. It's going to be the most beautiful wedding ever!


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