Why Personalised Cake Toppers are Popular and Why You Need One

A cake is a staple in many celebrations, especially a wedding. For a special event such as this, a regular cake simply won’t do – you need to take it to the next level with personalised cake toppers. The history of cake toppers dates back to the 1950s, and they have become an increasingly common addition to cake decorations over the last decade or so. 

Why Are Personalised Cake Toppers Popular?

Personalised cake toppers were initially seen only in weddings, but they are now very common in many types of celebration, not just in New Zealand, but all over the world.

Cake toppers have increased in popularity because they are a fun and easy way to showcase your personal style. For weddings, you can make your cake fun or romantic, depending on your theme and your décor. Due to their popularity, they have also opened up many options for those who like to personalise their cakes. From the classic monogram toppers of the past, you can now find laser-cut, geode, acrylic, and 3D cake toppers. 

As the use of cake toppers continues to grow in popularity, you can expect new and more elaborate styles to emerge. 

Reasons to Get Personalised Cake Toppers

Here are some of the reasons why personalised cake toppers are a must for your next event:

  • Cake toppers are a fun and eye-catching way to personalise your event. This is the main reason why custom cake toppers are popular in New Zealand and globally. You can tailor-make the design to make it suit your intended theme for the wedding or any celebration.
  • Cake toppers take your event to the next level. Impress your guests by adding unique details to your cake, which is the primary attraction in any celebration. 
  • Cake toppers are made to complement your existing décor. They are a great way to make your overall event theme stand out.
  • Cake toppers offer limitless possibilities when it comes to creating your own designs. You can make them as simple or exquisite as you wish them to be.
Why Are Personalised Cake Toppers Popular

  • Cake toppers are an affordable way to bring your cake and the event to the next level. It can transform a simple cake to something that is extraordinary. Even when the toppers themselves are affordable, they make your cakes look fancy.
  • Cake toppers can be customised for any event. While they started out as a popular addition to wedding cakes, they can also be used for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other celebrations. 
  • Cake toppers can be easily ordered online. There are a variety of sellers that create custom cake toppers online that can transform your dream designs into reality. Once you have submitted your chosen design, the toppers can be printed for you to add to your cake. The process is stress-free and efficient.
  • Cake toppers can be used as souvenirs. You can keep them after the event as a keepsake of important celebrations such as your wedding day. 

There are plenty of places to get personalised cake toppers these days. The sky's the limit when it comes to selecting the best cake toppers for your wedding. But make sure to consider the size of the cake and the theme for it to make the most impact. 

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