The Wedding Guest List...Where To Start?

Making the wedding guest list can be a stressful task that can leave you feeling guilty. With a budget to keep, you are limited to a certain number of guests who you can invite. But what if someone special feels left out or upset? While it's a tricky path to navigate, there is a formula you can follow to make it all easier.


First, set an ideal number of guests you would like to invite according to your budget and the atmosphere you want on your big day. Then list your bridal party and immediate family members because even if you are planning an intimate wedding, those are the VIPs of your life. You can call it the A list.


The B list is your closest family and friends. This won't take you over the numbers you are aiming for with any luck. One of you might come from a much big family than the other. In this case, you might allocate more spaces to the larger family, but generally, it is fair if you invite roughly the same number of friends. With childhood friends, work colleagues and friends you've known for so long you can hardly remember how you met, the list can quickly grow.


Next, if there is any space for a C list, think about other family friends you would like to attend. If you can let your parents invite a few close friends who knew you growing up, it can add a lovely sentimental layer to your best day ever. 


 Forget the postman, your cousin's neighbor and your hairdresser. They only get to see some stunning photos on social media. 



You should make your guest list before you look for a venue. 


If your wedding is a year or more away, keep a few spaces for new friends, especially if you are a social couple. 


Remember this is your special day and you should only invite the people you want to invite. So make pretty wedding invites and send them with guilt-free joy. 

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