Tips And Tricks For Writing Wedding Vows

Your wedding vows are some of the most sentimental words you will ever write. As well as being for the love of your life, they are heard by all your closest friends and family. No wonder most couples feel pressure when it comes to penning the wedding vows and often leave it until the last minute. To help you write these poetic words, we've gathered some useful tips and tricks for writing your vows. 


When and How To Start

It's never too early to start writing your wedding vows. However, before you even start, you should agree on an approximate length of your vows so the ceremony will flow naturally. 


The Audience

Your closest family and friends will be there, but the vows are especially for your partner. Express your love by saying everything you appreciate and adore about them. You might tell a little story about how you met or a highlight in your relationship. Be honest and authentic and your vows will sound beautiful.


If you have writer's block, imagine you are speaking directly to your partner. Say the words out loud, then jot them down on paper. Make the vows intimate and romantic, with perhaps a dash of humor if you feel it's fitting. Laughter is a wonderful way to release some stress and lift the vibe of a ceremony. 


Final Touches

Print your vows in a large font that is easy to read and consider buying some pretty vow cards to hold the paper (photographers love these details). 


We believe anyone can write the perfect vows, even though it might take some time and effort. This is your day and you, most importantly should be true to your personality and character whether you are going for a nontraditional or formal ceremony. Your vows will be perfect because words from the heart always are.

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