Why You Need A Day-of Coordinator

We are filled with joy and excitement to announce we are offering on-the-day wedding coordination for couples who want to ensure their day unfolds perfectly.


There are many reasons why hiring a day-of wedding coordinator is an excellent idea. You will surely feel calmer knowing someone responsible is handling the vendors, keeping track of time and checking all the details. There will be fewer people asking you questions because a professional on hand knows exactly what to do. You can relax and focus on celebrating with minimal stress. 


You might think you don't need a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, but even the best-planned events can be met with unexpected challenges and problems. The nature of weddings is very unpredictable with so many people having so many tasks to take care of. Human error can be an issue and Mother Nature can also throw in wild weather. Investing in a day-of coordinator can give you peace of mind and be a lifesaver if something goes wrong. 


A great day-of coordinator can spot issues before they escalate into problems. Or they can quickly fix them before the guests or couple realize what has happened. Ask any experienced wedding pro and they will tell you how they thrive on fixing things that pop up at every wedding, even small ones. Only if an important decision has to be made or a problem can't be solved will you hear from us. Otherwise, we will handle it all and you won't even know. What bliss!


If you've hired a wedding planner, you probably don't need a day-of coordinator. Usually, a wedding planner will be there on the day to make sure all goes to plan. But if you have planned the wedding with the event manager or venue staff, an on-the-day wedding coordination could be just what you need. We work closely with couples and venue staff. Before your wedding, you should send us all the details, including timeline, vendor contacts and services they will provide, seating plan, floral and decor info, and any other important details we can check. We will let you know if we see any areas to improve on and, if not, execute the details to perfection. 


We will check the overall appearance of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception spaces to ensure it all looks beautiful. Also, we will take care of logistics, such as double checking there are enough chairs and that the sound check has been done twice before you walk down the aisle. If your guests need help, we will be there too!


If you would like to see our packages and prices, Click Here or drop us a line. Also include your wedding date, venue and number of guests that are invited and we will send a quote. It would be our honor to be a part of your best day ever!!


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