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Black | Infinity Dress | Forever & One

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Say goodbye to the days of boring bridesmaid dresses! Introducing Forever & One’s Classic Infinity Dress - the perfect way to make your wedding day unique and special. With an innovative design, our Infinity Dress is the ultimate in versatility and style - let your bridal party customize their look with infinite options. Featuring colorful fabrics, flattering silhouettes, and comfortable fit, this dress will ensure each member of your wedding looks their best on that special day. Plus, the stretchy fabric allows for a comfortable fit so you don’t have to worry about the dress being too tight or loose.

Take the stress out of finding matching dresses in a range of sizes that your girls are comfortable in & grab our new & improved classic infinity dresses 🔥

Add a matching bandeu so your girls don't have to worry about their girls stealing the spotlight at a cheaper combo set than you've ever seen 🔥

Please ensure you read the sizing chart before purchase and note that these dresses can take up to 3 weeks to be made and sent. For urgent orders please contact us at

Standard aprox 82cm waist, 156cm length (aprox size 8-14 NZ)

Plus size aprox 92cm waist, 160cm length (aprox size 16-20 NZ)

Please note all measurements are with the elastic waist in a relaxed position.

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