Deep Purple | Deluxe Infinity Dress | Forever & One by WA Bridal sold by Forever & One
 Deep Purple | Deluxe Infinity Dress | Forever & One by WA Bridal sold by Forever & One

Deep Purple | Deluxe Infinity Dress | Forever & One

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Our stunning  Deep Purple deluxe infinity Dress collection provides an elegant flow designed to flatter all body types. Forever & One’s Deluxe Infinity Dress’s are designed to wrap seamlessly around your body, accentuating your curves. With our ergonomic design your bridesmaids will be comfortable for the whole day. With 30cm (width) straps x 200cm strap (length), these deluxe infinity Dresses are extremely versatile and can be styled over 100 different ways. Check out our "How to tie" blog for a tutorial on our most popular styles. Made from wrinkle resistant material, our deluxe infinities will include a matching bandeau free of charge, with every dress purchase. Available in long and short styles to complement each season, style and preference. With 14-16 stiches per inch, these dresses are sturdy, reliable and are not see-through. These one size fits all Deluxe Infinity Dresses feature a 7mm high grade transparent elastic band, to fit NZ sizes 6 - 22. Love the collection but not ready to make a commitment to just one colour? No worries, you can purchase swatches directly from us under each colour option or under the " Deluxe Infinity collection"

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