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Pre-Wed Zzzz's | Pyjamas Sets | Forever & One

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Shipping Times

Standard items such as robes, infinity’s and decor are normally shipped out within 1 week with the only exception being if it’s a larger order, we may need a slightly longer processing time, usually within 2 weeks

Personalised items take a little longer. The standard time frame for these products would be about 2 weeks excluding Pyjamas which can take up to a month

We do offer an express courier service if required simply just message us and we can get a quote to you.

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Say goodbye to the old traditions and hello to a modern, comfortable spin on your special day. Our Bridal Pajamas are perfect for brides who want to look and feel their best while staying cozy during their big day! With soft and luxurious fabrics our collection of pajamas provides total comfort with a timeless sense of elegance. And best of all, they make for great wedding photos that will last a lifetime!

Our bridal pajamas come in a variety of colors and styles so you can start off the most important day of your life looking and feeling like royalty.

check out our lastest blog post about robes and why they make the big day all the more special

Please Note All PJs have a processing time of around 3 weeks

Size S M L  XL XXL
Bust 100cm 108cm 114cm 120cm 130cm
Shoulder  41cm 42cm 43cm 44cm 45cm


Back Length

60cm 62cm 64cm 66cm 68cm
Hips  100cm 108cm 116cm 124cm 134
Waist 68cm 72cm 76cm 80cm 88cm
Length of Shorts 28cm 30cm 32cm 34cm 36cm

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